A little bit about me

This photo of me was taking by my friend and photographer Emily Fairweather 

My photography journey began way back when, when in my twenties  I discovered the joy of street photography whilst on holiday in San Francisco and New York, but for one reason or another (work/life - lack of balance) it lay relatively dormant apart from the occasional holiday snaps and gig photos,  until 2008 when I got my first digital camera. I started snapping away again and quickly found myself back in my element! I spent hours learning how my camera worked and quickly gained confidence, whilst beginning to take some reasonably good photos of my daughter. Soon, I was asked to take photos of other people's children and not long after that I was asked to do my first wedding. It has been an incredible journey with little time to catch my breath and I have loved every minute of it.

I also work as a self employed content writer and social media marketeer  for companies that need to turn their social media, and their content, around. My background though is in print and publishing.

I am also mother to a fabulous teenager. She has always been inspiration and the driving force in everything I do in my life and she has had a huge influence on my photography, even if she is not that keen to be in front of the camera anymore! Without her I honestly don't think I would have been doing this fabulous job.

We recently moved to Langeland from the UK, where I had lived for 40 years and where of course my daughter was born. It has been incredibly eye opening moving to such a small island, but the many kilometres of coast line, wild birds, deer and all the other things you come across on a daily basis, has definitely helped me return to my camera. I am super excited about being a Langeland Photographer, but will concentrate on people, rather than wildlife! 

I speak fluent Danish, even though my website is in English, so feel free to write or call me - we can always choose the language later!

I hope you enjoy looking through my website and please don't hesitate to contact me if you should need any further information. 

Mob tlf: 29 77 79 11

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