The Essence of Woman

My passion is photographing women. My project, 'The Essence of Woman' focuses on women and the need to remind ourselves of how beautiful we are, even though, through events and circumstances we may have forgotten this and simply do not feel that way at all. As women we often lose the ability to see ourselves in our true, beautiful light. Many women temporarily lose their lust for life for one reason or another. This can be due to changing hormones during 3 key stages of our lives where we age and go through physical and emotional changes; teens, post-pregnancy and menopause.These can be very difficult times for women, times when we simply don't feel ourselves and when we lose perspective. We may have suffered a break-up, a life-trauma or be in recovery from addiction, depression, an illness or have undergone major surgery such as a mastectomy or hysterectomy, or perhaps we lose or gain weight and don't quite feel 100% comfortable with our new body. Acknowledging the change or the trauma and seeing ourselves through the medium of photography, can help us come to terms with these physical and emotional shifts and help us begin to embrace these changes, allowing us to start loving who we are NOW. 

I know first hand how difficult it is to sit in front of the camera and yet, I also know, how incredibly empowering it is to see the photos afterwards and feel excited, free and beautiful whilst reaching an understanding that one's inner self, one's 'essence' hasn't changed, even if the shell in which it lives, has. Creating art out of humanity is what I hope to achieve in my Essence of Woman portraits. Creating something beautiful for you to keep and treasure forever.

Ruth hires-21

For more Essence of Woman images, please see the client galleries, many of which are open for viewing. 

If you would be interested in having a no-obligation chat or to come and meet with me (photography is a two way thing and you must feel comfortable with a photographer in order for the shoot to truly work), then please do contact me via email and tell me a little bit about yourself and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet and chat.

With love and an unending belief in the beauty of women and the power of photography.


The Essence of Woman on Location Boudoir or Portrait Shoot 4,000kr

1-2 hour photo shoot. 

Hair and Make-up charged extra at 2,000kr 

Includes initial consultation, 2 changes of outfits, various poses, and post-production of images. Shoot Includes 1 x A4 unframed print. 

Includes 5 digital images - All extra digital images are available for purchase for 2,500kr in total(usually around 40).  Individual images are available to download from the gallery for 200kr each.

*Extra Prints can be bought directly from this site/on-line portfolio in a variety of types and sizes.

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